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Stand Up Pouch

Our most popular flexible packaging solution, the stand up pouch offers impressive versatility and is a consistently growing packaging flexible segment. From liquid to dry goods, various material options can be selected to provide a customized pouch solution.

Our state-of-the-art pouch machines create the highest quality and most durable stand up pouches on the market which can feature high-definition graphics through the use of Full HD Flexo.


Sample Features


Add convenience and portability with handles.

Micro and Laser

Improve palletizing and extend shelf life.

Side Gusset Pouch

Side Gusset Pouch

Adopted early in the pet food and lawn and garden industries, our side gusset pouch can be manufactured to hold over 30 pounds of your product. Moreover, it offers ease with palletization and features 4 panels to display product information. Depending on its size, the pouch can either stand up or be laid down flat – presenting many different presentation opportunities on the retail shelf. Our side gusset pouches are lighter than traditional paper formats, while boasting superior moisture barriers and high caliber food safety.

Side gusset pouches can be manufactured in an array of sizes and configurations. With an increase in competition, it’s vital to have your product stand out. Tempo Flexible Packaging side gusset pouches will provide you with outstanding shelf appeal and high-quality printing to give your products a competitive marketing edge.

Sample Features

Press-to-Close Zipper

Add a press-to-close zipper to offer consumers the option of storing left over product longer and keeping it fresh.

Pull Tab

Provide an easy-to-open capability for your customers.

Flat Pouch

The flat pouch is a staple in the vacuum pouch industry, but can be used in various other applications. This pouch style is commonly found with hanger holes for retail shelves or can be stacked neatly in freezers.

Flat Pouch

Sample Features

Hanger Hole

Hanger holes allow for convenient display on retail shelves.

Steam Valve

Provide consumers with convenience by being able to heat up or cook products right in the pouch.

Flat Bottom pouch

Flat Bottom

Our flat bottom pouch combines all the benefits and capabilities of our traditional pouches with the added stability of a flat, stable base allowing it to stand perfectly on the shelf. Capable of utilizing multiple substrates, the flat bottom pouch allows for up to five panels of printing and the option of a clear side gusset to showcase your product.

Sample Features


SureTear easy open technology for a simple and easy open option.

One Way Valve

Maximize freshness and aroma with a one way valve.