Maximize convenience and functionality with customized features

Our Innovations

As a completely vertical integrated manufacturing company, we are proud to have a strong team with a distinctive blend of disciplines including creative design, technical expertise, and engineering excellence. We pride ourselves on being an innovative company, providing dynamic flexible packaging solutions to our clients. A collection of our innovations are described below.

Our HarmonyPack technology represents a line of flexible pouches and rollstock that not only offers excellent barrier protection, but is also recyclable at return to depot programs or in the blue box where facilities exist! By offering a best product to package ratio and premium graphics capabilities, the HarmonyPack looks to support the future of circular economy packaging.

Post-Consumer Recycled Content

As an organization dedicated to progressing towards the circular plastics economy, Tempo can create packaging that integrates a percentage of post-consumer content in its construction – allowing your organization to reduce its carbon footprint. While not currently accepted for food grade applications, PCR packaging presents a flexible packaging solution that repurposes material that has already been used by consumers.

TimeFresh Logo

For years, Tempo Flexible Packaging has been a leader in the Canadian market for modified atmosphere packaging. We have taken our pouch technology to the next level and introduced TimeFreshTM, an entire series of bags, pouches, and films with custom tailored permeability rates.

With award-winning graphics, printing capabilities, and quality construction, the DuoPouch offers cross promotional opportunities and convenience to your customers by containing two complementary products at once.

We have taken our light blocking technology to the next level with our award-winning SelectMET film. By utilizing SelectMET, you can improve your profits with decreased product shrinkage and spoilage.

Maximize your shelf appeal and convenience with The Edge stand up pouch. Available in a variety of sizes with press-to-close zippers, our unique edge pouch offers a full bleeding rotogravure style look with the best shelf presence in the category.

Potential Features

By incorporating additional product features into your flexible packaging solution, you can enhance the product value delivered to your customer!

Child Guard Slider

The addition of a Child Guard Slider can be added to your flexible packaging solution should access to the contents of the package need to be restricted.


The trend to have convenient handles has been increasing especially in club and bulk formats. We have many offerings including our own proprietary technology with some of the strongest handles currently in the market.

Hanger Holes

There are many names used in the industry for these styles of hanger holes. Regardless, we can deliver the most common shapes and sizes currently found in retail environments.

Micro and Laser

Being experts at making leak proof pouches, we know that certain products require different permeability rates through their packaging. Small micro perforations or virtually invisible laser perforations can greatly improve many aspects of packaging performance from palletizing to extending shelf life.

One Way Valve

Along with being very popular in the coffee industry, this one way degassing valve has multiple applications. Our flexible valves are applied in line and offer equal degassing rates to the traditional rigid versions at a more competitive price point.

Press-to-Close Zipper

Not all zippers are created equal. This consumer favourite is a flange style press to close zipper on all of our pouches. It has excellent plyability for automated filling applications.

Steam Valves

Consumers are expecting more convenience from their packaging. This valve allows for heating or cooking applications to take place right in the pouch. Many variables are considered when creating this specialty packaging, but we have a variety of options for both microwave and oven cooking methods.


Our SureTearTM innovation features laser scoring technology to provide customers with the ability to easily open our flexible packaging solutions. By incorporating a SureTearTM option with tear notches, consumers can be provided with a clean and easy package opening.