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Proudly partnering with clients to deliver customized and sustainably minded flexible packaging solutions for over 50 years!

Our Solutions



We provide a wide array of customizable and sustainable pouch solutions such as stand up, side gusset, flat, and flat bottom pouches to suit your unique product and branding requirements.



With state-of-the-art slitting equipment, rollstock and sheeting are a big part of what we offer. We can make tabletop rolls with excellent geometry to match your exact specifications.

Poly bags


Leveraging our in-house extrusion department, we have mastered this popular packaging format and can address any specification you require while also offering you excellent lead times.


Our Markets

Fresh Produce
Frozen Goods
Lawn and Garden
Private Label

Our Difference


To offer a distinguishing suite of products and features to clients, our team members have talents in a wide variety of disciplines, including creative design, technical expertise, and engineering excellence.


We offer a variety of customizable add-on packaging options and features to increase the performance of your brand while also enhancing the value and convenience delivered to your end-users.


Maximizing the printing capabilities delivered to our customers, we feature full-service prepress, extended gamut, and approval technologies to ensure top-tier communication and results are provided to our customers.


For more than a decade Tempo has been an integral packaging supplier for us. The product quality is great, but customer service is where they shine. Tempo staff always strive to make sure you are 100 percent satisfied with every order. Furthermore, working with Tempo is like having your own personal packaging consultant as they work step-by-step with you to create the specific item you need. If you want a packaging supplier you can count on, then look no further.

- Owner at Snack Food Manufacturer

For over the past year I have been working with Tempo Flexible Packaging on numerous projects with complex technical issues. What impressed me the most was their openness to listening to my new ideas no matter how far outside the box some of those ideas seemed to be. I found their dedication to excellence second to none but what really stood out was the total team commitment everyone in the company showed in solving my issues. They genuinely believe and demonstrate that they are not satisfied until the customer is satisfied. They are a truly well grounded professionally run company. They have my 5 star approval rating for excellence.

– Supply Chain and Packaging Employee at Snack Food Manufacturer

I have had the opportunity to work with the team at Tempo on several branded and innovative projects over the last 5 years – they have overdelivered at all stages of the process time after time.

Tempo Flexible Packaging possesses a winning combination of knowledge, creativity, customer service, and technology that makes them a go to strategic partner.

– Supply Chain Employee at Dry Food Manufacturer

We’ve worked closely with Tempo Flexible Packaging for all of our packaging needs. I can firmly attest to their superior degree of professionalism, service and high quality of packaging materials. Tempo Flexible Packaging has been a fantastic firm to work with and we look forward to working with Tempo Flexible Packaging for years to come. They have gone above and beyond for our packaging solutions and have assisted us every step of the way in achieving all of our needs.

- Owner at Confectionary Manufacturer

After working with them for more than 15 years, I feel confident in recommending Tempo Flexible Packaging! Tempo’s innovative and forward-thinking design recommendations have been an invaluable resource for several of our projects and developments. They have proven that they value our partnership and have gone the extra mile to help us. Tempo has been supportive and has proactively developed many sustainable packaging options. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend Tempo.

- Purchasing Employee at Snack Food Manufacturer

Tempo has been truly great to work with. Working with a young company doing their first packaging run required months of working with the team to find the right materials, printing method, and design reviews. Tempo always came through, truly looking at us as an investment in building a long-term relationship. The end result was worth it – beautiful, vibrant and richly coloured packaging that is instantly recognizable from a distance on any shelf we find out product on. We are grateful to have Tempo as our packaging partner for their hands on service and their state-of-the-art printing capabilities.

- Co-Owner at Snack Food Manufacturer


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