Coffee Packaging

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Coffee Packaging

Coffee brands differentiate their products to consumers with exclusive and specialty offerings. These can come in the form of various tastes, colors, and aromas available to the end consumer. Along with this, the preservation of these key elements is crucial in the marketplace. Tempo offers a variety of packaging solutions dedicated to meeting your specific coffee packaging needs.


flexible valves

Our flexible valves are applied in line and offer equal degassing rates to the traditional rigid versions at a more competitive price point. Tempo offers a variety of lamination and barrier options that are specifically manufactured with coffee industry customers in mind.

Coffee Packaging Barriers

Protection against oxygen and moisture are key to extending coffee shelf life and maintaining freshness. Advances in coffee packaging technology now enable coffee manufacturers to pack freshly roasted coffee beans quickly while preventing external influences from distorting the flavor. Our team of experts will help you find the optimal solution for your coffee packaging needs.

Coffee beans

Our Solutions



We provide a wide array of customizable and sustainable pouch solutions such as stand up, side gusset, flat, and flat bottom pouches to suit your unique product and branding requirements.



With state-of-the-art slitting equipment, rollstock and sheeting are a big part of what we offer. We can make tabletop rolls with excellent geometry to match your exact specifications.

Poly bags


Leveraging our in-house extrusion department, we have mastered this popular packaging format and can address any specification you require while also offering you excellent lead times.