Fresh Produce Packaging

Maximized produce shelf life – a fresh idea

Fresh Produce Packaging

Packaging integrity is critical to maximize product freshness in the produce industry. Packaging plays a crucial role in preserving product taste, aroma, texture, and yield – without it, produce is prone to perish, ultimately affecting profits. Tempo utilizes food-grade packaging that is ideal for all food protection applications from raw to fully-cooked food products.

Fresh Produce

Fresh Produce
Packaging Barriers

Tempo Flexible Packaging leads the Canadian market for modified atmosphere packaging with our revolutionary TimeFreshTM film technology, which is offered in a complete series of pouches, bags, and films.

Our TimeFreshTM technology is engineered to maintain the appearance, texture, and flavour of fruits and vegetables without the use of preservatives while incorporating ethylene gas absorption and anti-fog technology.

Fresh Produce Packaging Options

Our team will help you find a customized solution to meet any of your required packaging needs, such as negative temperature environment tolerance and highly permeable film to ensure that your produce is able to breathe.

Our Solutions



We provide a wide array of customizable and sustainable pouch solutions such as stand up, side gusset, flat, and flat bottom pouches to suit your unique product and branding requirements.



With state-of-the-art slitting equipment, rollstock and sheeting are a big part of what we offer. We can make tabletop rolls with excellent geometry to match your exact specifications.

Poly bags


Leveraging our in-house extrusion department, we have mastered this popular packaging format and can address any specification you require while also offering you excellent lead times.